Febreze Fabric Refresher Allergen Reducer Clean Splash Air Freshener

I have been using regular Febreze fabric freshener to eliminate stale odors on my sofa, easy chairs, bedding and carpets since the product was first introduced.

I am an allergy sufferer who is very sensitive to airborne allergens around my house and I was really excited when I discovered this allergen reducer Febreze at Amazon.

I live with my two indoor kitties on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico in west-central Florida and because of the oppressive heat and humidity I must keep my home closed for most of the year, especially now during the dog-days of summer.

I therefore depend entirely upon central air conditioning and without much fresh air getting circulated from open windows there is definitely a lot of airborne allergens from kitty dander in my home, not to mention those from the dust mites.

The allergen reducer Febreze definitely deodorizes textiles and suppresses the allergens from the pollen of birch tree, timothy grass and ragweed, and from dust mite matter and kitty dander that become airborne from fabrics.

I have been using regular Febreze fabric refresher for years now and I never imagined that the product could be improved, but with the dermatologist tested allergen reducer formula,

Procter and Gamble has definitely done just that. I've been using it for a week now and can truthfully say that it is so great I will definitely be buying it rather than my favorite "meadows and rain" Febreze that I have been buying exclusively for so long!