Allersoft 100-Percent Cotton Dust Mite & Allergy Control Standard Pillow Encasement

I bought this pillow because I suffer from allergies every day of the year. I'm allergic to every plant, grass, mold, dust, cat, etc.

My doctor recommended getting a hypo-allergenic pillow cover so shopped through amazon and came across the Allersoft cover.

After using it for a couple days I noticed I was not blowing my nose as much and my throat was not constantly irritated.

I've been able to get much better sleep and am thankful for my doctors recommendations that led me to discovering products like this existed.

After learning about hypo-allergenic pillow covers, I was afraid that they would be uncomfortable, itchy, and noticeably different.

However, this cover completely changed my mind. It fit perfectly over my king sized pillow and is incredibly soft.

The cover doesn't irritate my face at all and I cannot tell any difference between this cover and the previous cotton cover I had before.

If you're afraid that this product will be uncomfortable, don't worry, it feels great and is very effective.

I am allergic to just about everything. My allergy doctor called me the allergy king (just to clarify their seriousness) She recommended I get hypo-allergenic bedding stating that it would help me sleep better at night and wake up with less symptoms.

I don't know about other hypo-allergenic pillow covers, but this Allersoft cover has worked wonders for me.

I no longer sleep with a roll of tissue above my bed and am not waking up my girlfriend due to the excessive snoring brought on by a clogged nose.

I wake up in the morning feeling much more refreshed and it has overall changed my sleep to a much more pleasurable experience.

If you suffer from allergies, this product is for you. It is great in relieving nightly allergy symptoms and is a key component to battling your allergies.

The cover is comparable to comfort of any standard cotton pillow cover and feels wonderful. If you're looking for a comfortable, effective hypo-allergenic pillow cover at a good price, this is it.