Allersearch X-Mite Anti-Allergen Moist Powder Carpet Cleaner

This was one of many measures I took to avoid dust mites after being diagnosed with a severe allergy which was the cause of multiple illnesses and chronic cough/asthma.

It comes out of the bag in clumps but as per the instructions you are to brush it in with a carpet brush (I just rolled the unplugged vaccum over it since I didn't have a brush).

I let it sit for 3 hours and the vaccumed it up. I found the smell was kinda chemically when applied but by the end of the 3 hours there was no smell in the room at all.

It vaccumed right up and I had no stains from the product. My allergies have vastly impproved since I have use this product in conjunction with full bedding encasements, weekly hot water bedding laundry with anti mite additive and rigorous dusting and vacuuming and an air purifier.

I found just shaking the bag side to side did disperse fairly evenly, especially after "Brushing" in. I can probably get 3 applications out of the bag for a fairly large master bedroom.