AllerEease Allergen Barrier Pillow Protectors

With so many good reviews on Allergy cases, I couldn't figure out what to purchase. So I purchased a set of these pillow cases and also the Allersoft encasements.

Both pillow cases are great for allergies and dust mite control. They have been fabulous for me and my daughter. But there is one very noticeable difference.

The Aller-Ease cases, although fairly comfortable, almost feel like they are sealed air tight. They keep the pillows flat, so forget about fluffing.

You can feel some kind of plastic lining (like the ones you have on the mattress protectors that are made for bed wetters), but it doesn't make a noise loud enough to disturb your sleep.

The Allersoft cases are amazingly comfortable and soft. It does not make those crinkly noises or feel like it's lined with plastic.

It does not make your head hot or make you sweat. It is very pliable, like a regular pillow case, and allows for pillow fluffing. After washing, they still hold up.

The Aller-Ease cases are pretty good for the money, but the Allersoft cases are by far superior.

My 8 year old daughter uses the Aller-Ease because she likes the flatness of the pillow and she drools (she says she doesn't drool she drizzles).

Because the Aller-Ease has that lining, her pillows are safe from the drizzles. But, if you are not an admitted drooler, and you're looking for the better case, the Allersoft is your winner.