Eat Papayas Naked: The pH Balanced Diet for Super Health And Glowing Beauty

For many woman, each day is struggle to find balance in our lives. More and more of us work outside the home while continuing to meet the demands of family life. And, very often, we find ourselves in the role of primary caregiver, not only to our children, but also to our husbands, significant others, and even aging parents.

As we enter 40x and 50x, we find that our energy levels are dropping and the juggling act is getting more difficult. For Susan, the key has been to lift her health to a higher level, so she can meet the demands of her busy life, and still engage in the activities that just for her self.

In this book, she offer you the same solutions she use to restore her energy and regain the vitality necessary to really enjoy being alive. It's not just about keeping up with your workload; it's about feeling good, looking great, and enjoying a sparking, vibrant kind of health you haven't experienced in so long, you've probably forgotten what it's like.

In its natural, healthy state, your body is slightly to the alkaline side of pure water. In pH terms, water is neutral, with a pH of 7. Anything with a pH higher than 7 is alkaline--the more alkaline it is, the higher the pH. You very survived depend on your internal body chemistry's ability to keep you within a narrow pH range centered around the slightly alkaline goal.

You have a built-in buffering system--your very own chemical juggler--to do just that. It measures, adjust, and readjust your pH to keep poor food choices, stress, pollutants, alcohol, and other external factors from upsetting your vital internal balance.

Susan believe strongly that maintaining a healthy acid/alkaline balance, and eating pH-appropriate food that are right for your body's chemical makeup is the most powerful way to keep your health at peak levels.

However, for many of us, as we reach age of 40 and beyond, our buffering system begins to falter, making it increasingly difficult to maintain that optimal pH. Virtually, everything we're exposed to--from the foods we eat, the activities we engage in, and the pollutants we encounter--produces acidic chemicals. This tips us out of our ideal acid/alkaline balance and exposes us to a daunting list of physical and emotional ailments, including fatigue, headaches, chronic illnesses, colds, flu, and even inability to think clearly.

If instead, you can maintain a healthy acid/alkaline balance, you can avoid many of those physical and emotional problems that plague the overly acidic person. And how do you achieve that balance? Largely through a diet like no other. Rather than counting calories, for this diet you simply need to eat to quality, pH-balanced foods, in the right amounts (which will be easier, because these foods satisfy).