Herbs for Kids

Children generally respond very well and quickly to herbal remedies. This is because their body are small, and they haven't had years of polluting themselves to compensate for. Children also usually respond better to single herbs versus herbal combinations; babies respond best to a single herb in a liquid form.

The older they are, the better able children are to take a few different combinations. Herb manufacturers make chewable or liquid herbs that are easy to administer to children. Make sure that your child's chewable herbs or vitamins are not sweetened with artificial flavors and colored with dyes!

The same quality that you find in your herbs apply to children's supplements as well. Artificial and synthetic materials are more likely to cause reactions in child's body. The same herbs that work gently for adults are also appropriate for kids. The following table includes several herbs that are ideal for children and that can be used safely in herbal remedies.

Herb Used For Body System Support
Astragalus Colds Immune system
Catnip and fennel Colic Nervous and digestive systems
Catnip and garlic enema Breaks fever Immune and nervous systems
Chamomile Calming, getting to sleep Nervous system
Echinacea Allergies, Colds Immune system
Elderberry Mucus, runny nose, colds Respiratory system
Garlic oil (externally) Ear infections Immune and respiratory systems
Licorice root Energy, stress, coughs Glandular system
Pau d'arco (externally) Diaper rash Immune system
Peppermint Diarrhea Intestinal system
Thyme Stimulates thymus gland Immune system (small doses)
White willow bark Headaches Nervous system

A good rule of thumb for discerning dosages for children is given here by Master Herbalist Humbart Santillio in his book Natural Healing with Herbs (Hohm Press, 1989):

Weight of child in pounds = fraction of adult dose to be used

Example: The average weight of an adult is 150 pounds. Divide the weight of the child by 150.

150 pound child = 1/3 of the adult recommended dosage
150 pound adult

When administering herbs to your children, it is best to start out with small doses and work your way up until results are achieved.