Herbs for Environmental Allergies

Environmental allergies (that is, being environmentally sensitive) is an unusual but terrible condition. In these cases, the liver, one of our great filters of toxins, has usually been damaged by some exposure to a pesticide or poison that damage its ablility to filers toxins.

In many cases the kidneys (also serving as filters for toxins) have also been damaged. The body becomes so sensitive that a walk into a hardware, department, or even grocery store that stocks detergens and other chemical products can cause a person migraine headaches, mood swings, vomiting, or dizzines that can sometimes last for days.

Work with a qualified professional to help you detoxify and support your liver and your entire body if you suffer from environmental allergies. Liver-and immune-supporting herbs are certainly called for if you are environmentally sensitive. Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) will help rebuild the liver and has even been shown to assist in the repair of already damaged liver cells.

This tall green plant with a bristly purple flower on top is a common herb usually reffered to as a weed−especially to those of us who happen to brush up against its prickly body! Much research has been done on this valuable weed to support its merit as a liver protector. This herb even has regenerative prowers for liver cells as well.

Liquid chlorophyll is another excellent remedy. The green pigmen from the alfalfa plant is usually used to make liquid chlorophyll, a green wonder food that helps purify the blood and liver and that filters out toxins we come in contact with before they have a chance to harm us.

Combinations of herbs to detoxify the body from environmental pollutans include sarsaparilla, milk thistle, red clover, dandelion, yellow dock, burdock, marshmallow, pepsin, fenugreek, ginger, echinacea, and cascara sagrada. Also make sure you do not bring any new items into your home that are not environmentally safe.

Chemicals used to make paints and glues, and other items can out-gas poisonous materials that may be undetected by smell but can weak havoc on an already compromised system. Find places that offer "safe" furniture, cleansing products, clothes, art, and tenant finish material.

For instance, my holistic health spa floor is absolutely beautiful and was done by a team of enviromentally sensitive artists who cannot tolerate toxic chemicals. The floor is unique, fabulously beautiful, and the best part is that is does not out-gas toxic chemicals into my healing spa! Your local health food store may know of source for you to purchase environmentally safe materials.

Even if you aren't environmentally sensitive, supporting these types of environmentally friendly, non-toxic companies and their products will help create a less toxic world for everyone.