Herbs for Diabetes

Diabetes melitus, commonly reffered to as diabetes, is another serious illness and should be supervised by your medical doctor. It is an illness where the body loses its ability to utilize insulin, a chemical our pancreas make to control the level of glucose in the blood.

There are actually four types of diabetes, but we will discuss the two main types, Type I and II, in more detail. Type I diabetes tends to run in families and is the more serious form of the disease. Type I diabetes is also called insulin-dependent diabetes, juvenile onset diabetes, brittle diabetes, or ketosis-prone diabetes.

This type most often develops during childhood, although young adults also can develop this form. In childhood and in Type I diabetes, coma from not enough insulin is a constant danger.

Type II diabetes is also called non-insulin-dependent diabetes, adult-onset diabetes, ketosis-resistant diabetes, or stable diabetes. Type II often develops in overnight adults. Insulin tablets are sometimes used for type II diabetes, although insulin is given in injections in more severe cases.

The kind and amount of insulin given varies with the person's condition, and stress of any kind may require a change in the dose. Type II diabetes is a condition usually brought on by lifestyle factors such as lack of exercise and too much sugar or carbohydrates in the diet.

Because it is lifestyle-related, this condition is easier to control and may even be reversible with natural remedies. Let's see how we can work to reverse this problem by using nutritious herbs. One herb that would most benefit the management of diabetes (of any type) alone would be the herb golden seal (Hydrastis canadensis).

Golden seal is a bitter herb that has an antibiotic effect on the body and is used by many to fight infections. Its use for diabetics may have been overlooked, as this herb also lower blood sugar levels. In fact, some borderline diabetics have tried golden seal with success before using insulin to lower their blood sugar levels.

Insulin is substance produced by the pancreas to lower our blood sugar level. This substance is insufficient in diabetics. When using golden seal to lower the blood sugar, you will decrease your insulin requirement, so please work with your doctor to have your insulin requirement checked regularly.

I have seen many utilize golden seal and other herbs in combination to make it possible for my clients to eliminate the need for insulin. This is just another wonderful benefit of using herbs for health. A combination of any of the following herbs will help to bring down and regulate your blood sugar: cedar berries, burdock, horseradish, golden seal, and Siberian ginseng.

Psyllium hulls are also an excellent bulk fiber to use when suffering from diabetes. The fiber swells in the digestive tract and slows the absorption of sugars, which helps keep blood sugar from spiking up and down rapidly. Taken before each meal, psyllium hulls are a positive addition for diabetics, especially those who lack fibrous foods in their diet.

Trace minerals and zinc are other helpful supplements for diabetics of either type. With more advanced diabetes, circulatory herbs such as ceyenne pepper are useful; the glands need to be balanced, the circulation improved, and the kidneys strengthened in someone with diabetes.

Please refer to other posts in this blog on herbs for the kidneys, herbs that nourish the eyes, and herbs that improve circulation to help complete your herbal program. Exercise lowers blood sugar level as well. Incorporating a regular exercise program into your life is important whether you are diabetics or not, but it's especially important if you have high blood sugar.

Work with a specialist who can help design a program for your needs. If you can't do that, take a walk. Walking is the most natural and comfortable form of exercise; it gets the circulation moving, cleanses the lymph nodes, increases the heart rate, gets the lungs pumping, and is a wonderful and safe exercise that everyone can enjoy.