Herb For High Cholesterol

Basically, having a high cholesterol level means that you have a lot of fat in the blood. When the fat begins to adhere to the walls of your arteries, this can lead to hardening of the arteries, or coronary artery diseasel, and that can give you a heart attack.

The good news is that plenty of great herbs can help emulsify that blood fat and protect you from heart diseases. Eating too much saturated fat, such as deep fried foods, fatty meats, cheeses, and other dairy products, can sometimes cause high cholesterol.

The liver is responsiblefor synthesizing all this fat and can use some support and cleansing. Stress also has been found to be a factor in raising blood cholesterol levels, too. Gugul (Commiphora mukul) is a plant resin extract found in India that contains properties similiar to niacin and fish oil. It supports and cleans the circulatory system.

Some have described gugul lipid as the most powerful cholesterol-lowering herb known. It is best to try to find standardized product to ensure that the beneficial part of the plant (gugulsterones) are present in each pill. Once the gugul cleanses that the fat from your arteries, you will need to help your body eliminate the fat.

Let's see what other herbs you can use to support this process. A good way to suppport eliminating dissolved cholesterol from the body is by taking a fiber supplement daily with your gugul. Psylllium hulls, apple pectin, and oat bran are all excellent fiber supplements alone or incombinations to help absorb fat and remove it from the body via the intestinal tract.

Then speed up the process with a couple capsules of cascara sagrada at bed time each night. This will increase the bowel's peristaltic action and help to push out all that grabbed fat by morning. Furthermore, capsicum sprinkled of foods in place of salt will boost circulation and encourage arterial cleansing.

Some osteopathic doctors will offer chelation therapy or can provide a good reference for you. Chelation therapy is practice administered intravenously to strip built-up fat from arterial walls. Keeping the bowel clear to make room for the harmful fat to leave the body will speed recovery; the use of fiber supplements will help this along.