Water, How Dry I Am

Most of us suffer from chronic dehydration and are not even aware of the problem. Dr. F. Batmanghelidj's clinical research showed that many ailments−including adult onset diabetes, stomach ulcers, headaches, depression, and general aches and pains−come from chronic dyhadration alone.

He discovered that he could cure most of his subject of their chronic ailments using only water. Here's general formula for how much water you need daily; Divide your body weight by half; that number is how many ounces of water you need every day. Remember that a cup of water equals eight ounces.

In addition, if you are drinking diuretics such as coffee or beer, your need four cups (or 24 ounces) to every one cup (eight ounces) or diuretics. This is on top of the daily water intake! This formula is a rough estimate, but it is designed to keep a body hydrate. We loose up to three quarts of water every day just from our breath and our skin. We need to replace that water to remain healthy−most of us are dried up!

One good thing that herbs will do if you take them in pill form is get you to drink more water! It is imperative that you drink more water every time you feeling ill. The extra water you drink will help your body to flush our the toxins, bacteria, and waster productsand will help you heal more quickly. Water help herbs do their job more efficiently, so drink up!