The Philosophy of Herbs and Medicines

These days, thousand of people are using herbs before, after, and during their regular medical treatments to not only enhance their recovery but also to help prevent disease in the first place. Just as we can eat the right foods to help us stay healthy, we can take herbs to produce the same effect.

The only difference is that herbs can usually bring us quicker results, so they need to be used with direction. The difference in choosing herbs or synthetic drugs to heal the body is really in the philosophy of the user. Herbs are foods that help your body to do what the body is supposed to do naturally.

Synthetically derived drugs many times have properties that force your body into a chemical reaction to change, stop, or surpress your normal bodily functions or symptoms. Many people run to the doctor with every ache, pain, and sniffle, for which the doctor really doesn't have a cure or a medicine.

This is where herbs come as medicines. Most of our aches, pains, and sniffles can be effectively "cured" by utilizing some simple herbal remedies. Herbs can be a safer, healthier, and usually are a less-expensive solution to many ailments. However, because herbs are not medicines, they will not necessarily work like you expect a medicine to work.

However, because herbs are not medicines, they will not necessarily work like you expect a medicine to work. Therefore, you need to undertand how herbs do work for you to fully take the time benefit from them.

First, we need to have a little different view of our bodies. To use herbal remedies, you will need to trust in your body's innate intelligence. Do not take for granted that your body takes over to do its best to digest, assimilate, and eliminate after you eat something.

Just think if you had to consciously learn the exact chemistry, physiology, and anatomy that it would take to teach your body and all your cells how to do their jobs. And think of the time that it would take to oversee that process−I'll bet we would eat much less if our digestion required a conscious process!

The point is that our body works hard for us every day doing things that we could not conceive of doing if we were suddenly handed the job. When we become more conscious of how hard our body tries to keep us healthy, then we might become a little konder to it and learn about what we put into it and the effect it will have on us.

When used correctly, herbs are safe medicines because, just like our body, herbs are organic and are a product of nature. Every molecule in your body is made up of something inherent on earth−so are herbs. When something goes wrong in the body, it is usually because of a deficiency of some vital nutrient or a build-up of toxins.

Because herbs can feed nutritional defeciencies and/or stimulate your body to release toxins, many ailments that are caused by these factors can be corrected with the use of the right quantity and quality of herbs. Herbs help keep our body healthy by performing the following actions:

  1. Supplying the missing element(s) such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes, essential fatty acids, and other phytochemicals in a concentrated form.
  2. Helping the body eliminate built-up toxins that could be causing our ailments. Herbs may aid the body in eliminating these toxins by stimulating the release of excess mucus, urine, compacted bowel material, flushing cholesterol from arteries, and increasing perspiration.

As products of nature, herbs will first go to the area of your body that needs it most. This means that your body that needs it most. This means that your symptoms (the reason you reached for an herb in the first place) may not be eliminating immediately. When using herbs, as with any nutrition, you will have be patient and know that Mother Nature works on her own time schedule.

On the other hand, I have seen the right herb(s) taken at the right time bring almost instant relief. Either way, most herbs you purchase that are produced by a reputation manufacture are going to be safe to use and experiment with if you are a generally healthy adult. ("Experiment" means that if you are not seeing results, you can try taking more than what the bottle recommends. See the next posts for more details on how much you might need.)

This blog has been created to help you avoid the hit or miss game:

  • To help you understand the possible cause of your ailment(s).
  • To introduce you to a new herb for each ailment; you will be introduced to about 100 herbs by the time you are through.
  • To help you choose the right combinations of herbs and supplements to ease you through many illnesses.

In the coming pages you will be introduced to many herbs using their most commonly used name, but all herbs have a Latin or scientific name, too. When you are first introduced to specific herbs, you will also be given its Lating name in parenthesis. This is so you can be sure the species that you are using matches the common herb being described. Most herbalists, however, will refer to an herb's common name.

You can also use this blog as a refference for occasional illnesses after you find yourself a good herbalist to help you create a personalized, daily herbal program. This blog is made to empower you so you won't have to call your doctor or your herbalist for every little ache, pain, and sniffle!

Of course,medications have their place in humankind and are responsible for saving lives. However, many medicines fix the symptoms but don't reach the true source of the problem. The way I see it, you need to cover your bases first before using medications.

Assess your symptoms and see what you body is trying to tell you before you stop your body's natural processes with a chemichal drug. If you have a runny nose, is there something in your environtment irritating your sinys cavities? Or did you inhale rid itself of? Using herbs will help you and your body communicate and will help you become more empowered to take care of your self.

You should engage yourself in understanding how herbs with your body so that you can ger the mostout of your herbal remedies. Sometimes just understanding a little about how herbs versus medicines work might give you the patience you need to get back to health instead of just covering up your symptoms. Remember that herbs give your body the opportunity to heal itself.