Herbs Are Popular Again

Why we are turning back to home remedies? My guess is that, just like in the pioneer days of the West, people around the globe are realizing that there is not a really any magic pill to cure all ills. They may be realizing (if even subconsciously) that we are products of nature, and that surgery and medicines do not change the fact.

Many people beding to look for answers elsewhere when their medical treatments don't prove effective or when physicians do not have all the answers. They seek a kinder, gentler approach to health. Herbs and nutritional information is widely available and is a healthy and safe solutions for many.

Since herbs are a safer alternative to medications, many times you'll get well before you run out of patience and get a prescription for your ailment. Unlike synthetic materials, the body can eliminate herbs if they are not able to be utilized. If you do experience "side effects" when using an herb, the effects are usually a result of your body rapidly eliminating wastes.

Unless you have a known allergy to an herb, herbs are generally safe. Some common herbal cleansing side effects you could experience include:

  • Sinus drainage: Herbs can loosen long-standing mucus deposits. Drainage is common expecially if you have had a history of sinus or respiratory conditions. A client of mine went on an herbal program and began feeling mucus draining from her nose, inside her ears into her throat, and experienced many odd sensations in her head, despite the fact that she hadn't experienced allergies in a few years. After one week of copious drainage, her long-standing congestiion was gone for good!
  • Nausea: Cleansing of the digestive tract−predominately the liver−is taking place too rapidly. Cut back on the cleansing herbs slightly to slow your cleansing process.
  • Vomiting: Cleansing is taking place to rapidly. Handle the situation the same as process.
  • Diarrhea: Too much of the bowel stimulant herbs can cause diarrhea. Loose stool is different than diarrhea, however, and is a positive cleansing sign. Diarrhea is characterized by griping pain in the intestines, and the stool is predominately liquid.
  • Headaches: Circulation has been stimulated before the body has been cleansed. Work with your herbalist to go through a cleanse before you begin any herbs designed to increase your circulation. Blood carries waste materials to the head area.
  • Rashes: Usually because the blood is eliminating wastes. Try going on a bowel-cleansing regimen first before working with herbs that cleanse the blood.

Many herbalists that I know got their start by first seeking answer to thier own healht issues and found herbs to be their solution. Their experience engaged them in a passionate study until folks began seeking them out for their knowledge and understanding of how herbs can also work for them, too.

So, I guess it was about "thyme" for a resurgence of nature and a rediscovery of our responsibility to take care of our families and ourselves. This one of the reasons why herbs are back in the spotlight once again. Below are some of the most common, minor ailments that have been effeectively remedied with the use of herbs.

You might want to try the herbs for a few days before you resort to drug usage. More than likely you'll be supprised how fast you find relief!

Ailment Typical Drug Taken Safer Alternative(s)
A cold Cold/cough/fever medicine Echinacea, golden seal, rose hips,slippery elm, ginger, licorice root
Allergies/hay fever Antihistamines Fenugreek, horseradish, and mullein
Sinus infection Antibiotics Golden seal, black walnut, parthenium, plantain,bugleweed, marshmallow
Bladder infection Antibiotics Cranberries, buchu root, golden seal
Influenza Cold/cough medicines, ibuprofen or aspirin Parthenium, golden seal, yarrow, capsicum
Constipation Over the counter laxatives Cascara sagrada
Diarrhea Anti-diarrhea medicine Slippery elm
Headaches Ibuprofen or aspirin White willow bark or feverfew
General aches and pains Ibuprofen, pain killers White willo bark and/or na de gato
Heartburn Antacids Marshmallow, calcium, or chewable papaya tablets

Looking at this table you might think, "Why take all those herbs when I can take a drug in one pill?" There are two answers to that question. First, most companies will offer you herbal products that combine several herbs geared toward a certain condition into one pill.

Granted, you will need a few of these pills every few hours, versus one of the OTC (over-the-counter) drugs, but the effects herbs have on your body are positive. Synthetic drugs of any kind can have permanent negative effects on your body and can lead to a damage liver, kidney failure, decreased immune, and even death.

Second, take a look at the long list of ingredients listed on the back of that package of drugs you wanted to take. You are not getting just one ingredient, but also several chemicals, dyes, and synthetic materials (mostly words you never knew existed) all combined into one pill or dosage.

You will also see a list of warning and cautions to take into consideration. Are you really taking that for your health or for convenience? Why not bear through what you can, while helping your body get well with the use of herbs? Consider using medications when you feel that you must stop your symptoms immediately. Then get home as soon as possible, get some rest, and take your herbs!