Types of Therapy

In the privacy of your home, there are several types of therapy that deserve particular attention. Naturally, it is our instinctive tendency to look for the simplest way of getting well.

Often people resort to drugs in an attempt to cure themselves, only to find that the drug has changed the form and location the disease, producing new symptoms or complications that might even be worse than the original disease.

Furthermore, the expense of drugs, together with their long term risk are reason for great caution in their use by the home health practitioner.

Diet is an extremely important type of home treatment. In case of illness, the patient’s diet should be simpler than is usually eaten. Sometimes a fruit fast for a few days will help a person recover without a grain of medicine. Juices have a more limited place.

Sometimes skipping a meal and drinking water or fruit juice will allow nature a chance to build up defenses against the invader. This should be done at mealtimes, not drinking juices all through the day.

Herb teas have a valued place in healing. Medicinal teas are usually prepared by mixing one teaspoon of the herb in a cup of boiling water and allowing it to steep for three to five minutes, until the tea is ready. The herb is strained out before drinking.

Other herbal beverages made with parsley or comfrey, create the so called “green drink,” which is popular in health food stores today. There are many common symptoms that can be treated safely with herbs, making it unnecessary to consult a physician nearly as often as we do these days.

Hydrotherapy seems to be the most neglected home remedy. These treatments involve the use of water, and include such remedies as the hot half bath, cold shower, cold mitten friction, contrast bath, the heating compress, and other therapies discussed in chapters devoted to the specific treatments.

Hydrotherapy offers a powerful technique of shifting the circulation in your body. Its purpose is to decongest certain areas, then improve the ability of an organ to fight infection and overcome any invasion of germs. Perfect health depends upon perfect circulation. Water therapy is one of the most valuable ways to achieve this goal.

Exercise is also a valuable remedy in the treatment of many diseases, particularly those of degenerative nature. The chapters on heart disease, vascular disease, respiratory problems, and nervous disorders will particularly contain advice in regard to therapeutic exercise.

Sunlight, fresh air, abstinence from harmful substances, rest, and the mind healing influence of trusting in Divine power are also powerful remedies that one can use in the home to combat disease and restore right conditions within the system. We will apply these in the next chapter to approach the subject of pain, one of the most common symptoms that afflicts mankind.