Metabolic Cleansing

Metabolic cleansing is a gentle yet deep method of detoxification, and it is the best, most thorough program I have used. The foundation of this program is a hypoallergenic-sensitive, rice-based protein and nutrient drink that is designed specifically for liver detoxification.

The first week, you consume only the drink and all you want of rice, all fruits except citrus, all vegetables except nightshade-family foods, and small amounts of oils. Citrus fruits are excluded because many people are sensitive to them.

Nightshade vegetables—potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, green peppers, and chili peppers—are excluded because 10 to 15 percent of people with joint pain become pain-free when these vegetables are removed from the diet. If you know that you are sensitive to bananas, melons, or other foods that are allowed on the plan, then avoid them as well.

It is possible for people to continue their normal daily routine while on this program. This program is administered only through health professionals who can monitor your progress, determine when you should quit, and help you adjust if you have any difficulties.

Most people find a dramatic alleviation of symptoms and a distinct improvement in energy levels. The high levels of nutrients found in the rice protein drink and in the fruits and vegetables help the liver activate its detoxification pathways and move unwanted materials out of the body.

The intention here is to allow your digestive system to rest, relax, and heal itself. Once you have completed the cleansing, it is important to slowly reintroduce foods back into your diet. Being a food sleuth takes a lot of patience; it’s not always apparent which foods cause adverse symptoms.

But with persistent detective work you can discover many of them. Keep a running record of everything you eat and of your symptoms. Food sensitivities often display delayed reactions, so it may take up to forty-eight hours to feel the effect of a newly introduced food.

You may want to have testing done for food allergies and sensitivities at this time. If you have uncovered a problem, these tests can further pinpoint which foods and substances are making you ill.